Brazil Visa

Document list for each type of Visa

Purpose of visit  :

 Business       Tourism       Other

Passport Holder  :

Type of visa  :  Single    Double    Multiple    Other

Valid date  :  (     ) Day   (    ) month   (    ) year

Duration of stay :  (   ) Day   (   ) month

Processing time  : (     ) working days

Apply in person  :  Yes     No

Visa fees  : 

Documents Required :

Original  Photocopy

        Application Form (    ) copies

        Passport-size colour photo

        passport with  (     months validity)

        Hong Kong identity card

        Financial proof

        Proof of address

        Company Letter of Guarantee

        Vacation Leave Letter

        Business Registration Certificate

        Certificate of Employment

        Business name card

        Electronic Ticket / Flight itinerary

        Hotel voucher

        Travel medical insurance

        Letter of invitation

Remark :

- For visa applications, passports and other consulate matters please contact the consulate directly.

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